Graphic Design

Our experienced team will help you from concept to reality. Our highly skilled people work with every customer to deliver top-level prepress services and packaging design. All files you bring to us undergo a thorough inspection before production to ensure that all necessary data are as they should be. This stage is critical for saving you time and money. What sets us apart in graphic design is our ability to translate our customer’s ideas into cost-effective packaging solutions!

Product Development

SeaTac Packaging was founded by developing a new product (PaperWoven™) to solve a packaging problem for the fishing industry. We take a holistic and collaborative approach to product development. Supported through many of our other disciplines our product development team helps our customers develop original, functional and cost-effective packaging for their products.

Flexographic Printing

Our teams work collectively to employ numerous printing presses in elevating our coating and laminating capabilities. We can reverse-print film, or surface-print paper, foil, or film up to 10 vibrant colors.

We produce consistently high-quality printing and achieve a higher-end color spread by using flexo's color density capabilities to increase the color gamut. Plus, flexo produces excellent registration on small process print, resulting in crisper fine print.

Flexo allows us to accommodate you with shorter runs while offering consistent product quality. Ultimately, the rich, colorful water based flexo qualities underscore your brand, sustainability and provide a quality product at a better cost.

The high color density offered by the flexo process delivers:

  • An increased color gamut
  • Better white opacity
  • Very clean highlights
  • Shadow fades to nothing
  • Clean, high-contrast imagery (as whites are whiter and dark colors are darker)
  • Crisper fine print
Flexographic printing machine imprinting bags

Quality Assurance & Food Safety

At the core of our LEAN culture is adherence to quality and food safety. With our in-house lab and various 3rd party testing partners, we ensure your packaging meets or beats industry standards. Contact us to learn more about our “Higher Level” third party certifications.

Field Support

Need help on-site? We are committed to helping you achieve optimal manufacturing efficiencies and increased throughput. Our experts will meet you where you are to help evaluate and improve operational processes while enhancing teamwork and trust among plant personnel.

Short Lead Times

From humble manufacturing roots, we have always adhered to the principles and philosophies of LEAN and JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing, leading to industry-leading standard lead times. Let us prove to you how our speed to market can save you time and money!

Vendor-Managed Inventory

Part of JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing requires managing the appropriate inventory levels and we do this through experience and strong statistical management. Additionally, in support of VMI, we have large modern warehouses with heavy industrial flooring and 30’ clear heights to accommodate our scalable high bay racking system.

What Makes us Different

SeaTac Packaging bags are proudly Made in America and our facilities are Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) / FDA compliant, audited to Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) IFS PACsecure higher level standard. From full-service custom graphic design to printing on the widest web, longest repeat, sustainable water-based press in the Western United States, to a converted packaging solution, SeaTac Packaging is the only vertically integrated, MBE certified (channel Supplier Diversity spend goals), USA polyethylene woven manufacturer. Because of our commitment to sustainability and investing in the future, customers can expect industry leading lead times, superior quality control, and a focus on excellent service.