Sewn Open Mouth (SOM)

  • Animal Feed
  • Wild Bird Feed
  • Seed Industry
  • Rice Industry
  • Forage
  • Vegetable Seed

SeaTac Packaging manufactures Sewn Open Mouth bags in both multi-wall and Paperwoven™ constructions. SeaTac Packaging pioneered the production and application of Paperwoven™ bags since 1994, and was the first manufacturer to produce these bags in North America. Some of the advantages of Paperwoven™ bags include:

  • 30-50% less weight and bulk than multi-wall paper bags
    • Reduced shipping costs - e.g. 150M bags/TL vs. 80M bags/TL
    • Reduced storage space and cost - e.g. 3500 bags/pallet vs. 2000 bags/pallet
  • Paperwoven™ offers stiffer bag than BOPP bags, better printing surface with less glare
  • Superior anti-skid characteristics


  • Natural Kraft
  • Bleached Kraft
  • High performance Kraft (Extensible)
  • Ductile Kraft - natural and bleached
  • Clay-coated

Poly/barrier material
  • HDPE
  • PP
  • XF Film
  • Specialty ( e.g. foil laminated Kraft)

Paperwoven™ bags are constructed of a printed (or plain) paper layer laminated to a layer of woven poly fabric. There are multiple options for the paper layer
  • Bleached Kraft
  • Natural Kraft
  • Ductile paper
  • Clay-coated paper

Process Options
  • Pinholes/Vent holes
  • Thumb-notch
  • Die-cut handle (Paperwoven™ bags)
  • Clay-coated paper
  • Gusset Window (Paperwoven™ bags): There is the option to produce a 'gusset window' in one or both gussets by eliminating the paper layer in the gussets, enabling product to be viewed through the transparent woven poly fabric. This feature is particularly effective in environments where bagged product is displayed on pallets - e.g. treated seed.

Finishing Options
  • BK or NK with anti-skid
  • BK with top varnish for print protection
  • Clay-coated
  • Conventional varnish
  • UV varnish
  • PE top lamination
    • Gloss finish
    • Matte finish

None Conventional Varnish UV Varnish Matte* Gloss*
Bleached Kraft X X X X
Natural Kraft X
Clay-coated X X X X
Ductile X
*PE Top Lamination

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