Block Bottom Open Mouth (BBOM)

  • Evaporated Dairy Products
  • Food Product Ingredients
  • Whey Protein

SeaTac Packaging manufactures Block Bottom Open Mouth – BBOM bags (also known as Satchel bottom bags) with up to four ply's. Tubular or Poly Sheeting liner bag availale inside with multiwall kraft paper outer. A poly to poly heat sseal that allows bag inside a bag desgin for easier poly liner bag removal. It offers a stable bag footprint for better filling, conveying and palletizing. There are options for a wide variety of construction materials, poly and other barrier materials, and finishing options.

Food Safety Packaging Certified. We meet FDA requirements under CFR's and AIB certified for dairy and food packaging.

  • Natural Kraft
  • Bleached Kraft
  • High performance Kraft (Extensible)

Poly/barrier material
  • HDPE
  • XF Film

  • Micropefs with Tubular poly liner bag
  • Vent Channels with poly sheeting liner bag

  • Allows printing on block bottom for attrative visibility
  • 1-6 clor flexographic printing

Finishing Options
  • Anti-skid

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