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Business Philosophy

Our goal is to be our customers' preferred supplier by providing Innovative Products, Superior Quality, Responsive and Flexible Customer Service, and Good Value.

We consider Innovative Products a key element to maximizing the competitiveness of our customers and SeaTac Packaging alike. Continual product and process improvements are the lifeblood of sustained competitiveness.


Supplying products of Superior Quality is absolutely essential to earn the loyalty of our customers. When our customers look great and their operations run efficiently, we both benefit.

We understand that Responsive and Flexible Customer Service enables efficiency in our customers' operations, and makes it easy for them to work with us.

Good Value in the products and services we provide is an implicit business necessity. Without this factor, the others are diminished in significance.

We apply these elements of our philosophy to work as partners with our customers, supporting both their routine and urgent packaging requirements.

Company History

SeaTac Packaging was started in 1994 with three employees, one bag line, one printing press, and the objective to become the preferred supplier to customers in targeted markets.

The first strategy element to fulfill our objective was to offer new solutions to old packaging problems. Our initial new product was Paperwoven™ bags targeting the fishing industry. These bags provided a stronger and more durable alternative to traditional multi-wall bags, resulting in dramatically reduced breakage and higher effective yields. Within two years, the majority of the Alaska fishing fleet operating out of Seattle had converted to Paperwoven™ bags.


The other key elements of our initial strategy were to consistently provide top-quality products coupled with the highest level of customer-centric service. By doing this we were able to provide our customers decreased lead times on orders, reduced inventory requirements, and better operating efficiencies.

After achieving considerable success in the fishing industry, additional markets were targeted and penetrated with similar excellent results.

By 2002 our business had expanded to the extent that we outgrew our leased facilities in Sumner, WA and we required additional production capacity. In 2003 we embarked on the first of two major expansions when we built a new 93,000 sq. ft. production facility and corporate office structure in nearby Puyallup, and purchased new production equipment including a printing press and additional bag-making machinery.

Continued market penetration, geographical expansion and customer acceptance set the stage for our second major expansion in 2007 when we built an additional 62,000 sq. ft. production facility in Puyallup adjacent to the other. Also in this expansion we purchased production machinery to expand our Paperwoven™ bag capacity, as well as machinery to produce Satchel Bottom bags (also called Block Bottom Open Mouth - BBOM, bags), for the dried dairy and food ingredients markets.

SeaTac Packaging now has what we believe is the newest multi-wall bag production facility in North America, positioning us perfectly to continue to serve our customers with the innovative products, quality, customer service and value that they have come to expect and appreciate. Although we are considerably larger and have more products than when we started in 1994, we approach all our business opportunities with the same resolve, enthusiasm and commitment.

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